The Manse Boutique Inn & Spa - Welcome
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Rates for High Season:  May 1st - October 31st, 2017
All rates Include Breakfast and are plus tax

April 1st-December 1st there is a 2 night minimum stay required on Friday and Saturday and on all holiday weekends,throughout the year, this includes family day weekend and valentines.
                                          One Night Stay               Stay Two Nights +                   
  Guest Rooms                 $215.99/night                           $195.99/night                       
Guest Rooms
  with balcony                  $235.99/night                           $215.99/night                      
Guest Suite                     $285.99/night                            $265.99/night                     


Weekend Rates June 3rd -September 30th
This rate includes 2 nights accommodation with breakfast and an innkeepers BBQ on Friday Night
All other weekends in the high season will not include the BBQ, but will require a 2 night stay.

Guest Rooms                         $470.99
Balcony Guest Rooms            $510.99
Guest Suite                           $610.99

Rates for Low Season:  November 1st-December 16th 2017 & February 10th-April 30th 2018
All rates Include Breakfast

April 1st- December 1st there is a 2 night minimum stay required on Friday and Saturday 

                                                                  One Night Stay               Two Nights +                   

                  Guest Rooms.                                $199.99                       $179.99                               

                 Guest Rooms             
                 with balcony                                   $199.99                       $179.99

                Guest Suite                                       $235.99                       $215.99                   

   Our dining room is open during the low season, however mostly only on weekends.  We will offer a dining and accommodations rate                                           whenever possible, please contact us to inquire further.