Private Meals
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Private Meals

The Manse is not a restaurant open to the public. However we are pleased to offer a unique private dining experience

If you are new to our dining experience and are curious as to what to expect, imagine going to Grammas house where a thoughful sequence of dishes are cooked lovingly and prepared to order. No item is pre made or assembled and whenever possible we use locally sourced ingredients.

The Manse works closely with our farmers Ed & Sandy Taylor at Honeywagon Farms to source the best county produce. Chef Chris makes almost everything from scratch in house. Some of our local suppliers include, Reids Dairy for dairy products, Black River Cheese, Fifth Town Cheese, Lighthall Sheeps Cheese, Ralphs Butcher for great cuts of meat, County Roasters for fresh coffee, Hagermans, Landry and Blue Wheelbarrow Farms. While all produce is seasonally available in the county, we do not buy products from any food service company, rather we purchase product from locally owned grocery stores.

We will provide a chefs table menu to all our our guests at least one week before arrival.  We will have a secondary menu available to accommodate allergies and vegetarian options. We ask guests to reserve in advance of their arrival

The dining room is closed for dinner:

February 1st-June 1st on Tuesday and Thursday

June 1st to September 30th Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

September 30th - December 15th Tuesday and Thursday

Every Friday night June 1- September 30th is our innkeepers BBQ, which is included in the room rates. 

We will have one seating of 7pm.

Please note that we cannot accommodate same day requests for dinner.

The Manse Boutique Inn is a liquor licensed facility.  Dinners will feature an optional wine pairing and also a varied selection of wine, beer and spirits are available to our guests for purchase and can be enjoyed throughout the Manse and its grounds.